Netra Nei


Netra Nei is a freelance graphic designer residing in Seattle, U.S.A.  She is also an accomplished photographer with her work featured in Fisheye Magazine, Underdogs and has had her work exhibited in juried shows in Canada and Europe.   

Netra takes particular interest in the suburbs around Seattle.  Drawn to the overall quirkiness and sometimes flambouyant styles on display, she photographs these ordinary moments in her own unique style.  

Here are a selection of her photos:


"MIXT Magazine is plugged into the New Photography movement happening in Europe, modeled their first show here on European exhibits that use social media to bring together a wide-ranging group of international photographers and to attract a broader, mostly younger, audience. They will be curating another show here in February. The premise of this show is the same: international, up-and-coming photographers sourced through social media. The general theme will be centered around fur, feathers and foliage. It promises to be lush." - Dawna Holloway (studio e, Owner) - review in Vanguard Seattle.

I love when someone is doing something new and fresh, so when I found out about Netra's show I was very interested. Netra curates an annual show, which she personally funds, connecting with artists on social media. Timorous Beasties is Netra's second show and is based on furs, feathers and foliage.  It includes a collection of taxidermy animals as well as photography around that theme. Netra has lined up a really wonderful group of photographers, including a couple of well known local artists. Together with the show, Netra publishes a photozine on Issuu shown here.

If you're in Seattle, or close by, please check out the show at studio e Gallery. Find out more on Facebook.


I asked Netra to talk about the show and the accompanying Zine that she produces and this is what she had to say:

First off, thank you for participating in my photography show. You’ve asked me to explain the show — why I do it, the premise, and what I hope to achieve. Here are my thoughts on MIXT.

MIXT came about through multiple casual conversations with my friend, Brian Beck, one of the owners of studio e Gallery. We both love early 20th century European art movements and our conversations included topics of Russian Constructivism, punkzines, the pros and cons of moving to Berlin, and photography. At a holiday party, two Decembers ago, he mentioned that he and his partner, Dawna Holloway, opened an art gallery and would I be interested in curating a photography show? My experience in curating was limited to curating photography groups on Flickr. But, I had no doubts as that experience involved hundreds of hours of being immersed in photography over the past 4 years. Not only do I shoot and post my own photos here, but I began, not just to look at photos, but trained myself to “see” and became really particular about what I liked. Also, in creating “photography groups” I became more aware of different movements happening on an international level. So, I jumped on the opportunity and had two months to select and produce my first show, which was in March 2015. I loved the idea of having a magazine and decided now was the perfect reason to create one -- I could share my Seattle photography show of European photographers with an international audience. The title MIXT basically came out of this concept. 


I reach out to photographers whose work I am familiar with through social media. My first theme was abstract—I chose European photographers whose photos I felt displayed elements of my favorite art movements, including Suprematism and Surrealism. But mostly, I curate based on the energy of the photo and my own intuition. Surrealism plays a role in my next show as well, though the theme is much more specific—fur, feathers, and foliage. I have an interview for my magazine, which I am incredibly excited about! This will launch on Issuu the week of the show. 

Social media has made so many things accessible to so many people. I feel lucky to be able to bring such great photographers together. But it really has nothing to do with luck, I mean, we’re all interested in photography and having our work viewed. MIXT is about promoting a genre of art that has inspired me on so many levels. I truly believe that photography can be a life changing/enhancing experience. Though the show is out-of-pocket and a pretty big expense for me, I am thrilled to be doing it. I’m collaborating with so many creatives (the photographers, the gallery, my friends who are helping to promote on social media and helping on the magazine) and I find this process very inspiring. If my show helps to promote these talented photographers and inspires those who view the work, then I feel I’ve achieved something worthwhile. If the prints sell and everyone gets paid, well, that would be even more cool. 

I’d love to do more issues/shows, though MIXT will probably remain an annual event. I mentioned punk zines, Brian Beck and I are tossing the idea of a very lo-fi printed punk inspired zine where we promote art, photography, music, poetry. It’s just a matter of finding the time. 

See more of Netra's work: